The ERA Footwork Crew

OTC's initial projects are coordinated through on-the-ground leadership by The Era Footwork Crew, based in Chatham, South Chicago. In partnering with The ERA, OTC is able to work through the local structure of one multifaceted dance crew to speak to many dancers, crews and diverse public audiences across and beyond Chicago.

I Am The Queen

Open The Circle collaborates with some of the best female footworkers in the city of Chicago, including those featured on the project I Am The Queen, co-produced by Open The Circle and Kenesha "Murda Mommy" Sheridan. In Sheridan's words, "I am the Queen is a movement of empowerment. We are all queens."


Bringing Out Talent (BOT)

OTC is partnering with dance group Bringing Out Talent led by Shkunna Stewart. For more information on BOT and Chicago's historic dance groups, see this article in the Chicago Defender.  

Empire Dance Company

OTC is partnering with dance group Empire Dance Company led by LaTisha Waters. For more information on Empire and Chicago’s historic dance groups, see this article in the Chicago Defender.



OTC partners with members of Teklife, Chicago footwork's premiere DJ collective. Teklife founders DJ Rashad and DJ Spinn are known for introducing the footwork sound to global audiences, especially through their album releases with British labels Hyperdub and Planet Mu.